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Arabian nights revisited
By: Tupai O ais

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Monday, 25-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tupai the Food Critic, not.

Makdoonaldz - Theirs is Bigger Mac compared to our Big Mac
Eager hands digging into fish fillet w broccoli & white rice
Bottoms up!! We can drink all day long!!
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When it comes to food, things basically arrive to the table overwhelmingly large.

Simply put, their 'small' is as good as a 'medium' or even 'large' by our Malaysian standards. A typical 'one-person' portion here would be almost impossible to finish for most of us. Imagine, we are now used to ordering 'one-rice' takeaway but shared between 3 people, with some left-overs still .....

The fast food industry is huge. For some joints, a la carte is not widely provided as set meals (+soft drink + fries) are the norm, which start at 10SR. Drinks are cheap though, canned softies are going for 1SR a piece. So it is far too easy to become obese here!

Just to prove a point that you should check your food before eating. Some imported (and even some locally-made) foods bear the dreaded and dodgy 476 and E471 emulisifiers here... So the question is, boleh makan ke tak ni?! Where is JAKIM?!! Please send 6 people over... :^P


Sunday, 24-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Telly Tupai

Living room of the limited options living. Classic air-con too
A TV-drunk Sahrin finds himself becoming one with the sofa
"I am monty!!", as Spawn discovers the ugly and painful truth
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Thus far our no-brainer pastimes have been the two basic T's. Tido and TV. Not that we have many options. I am sure we would have other activities to do as our Riyadh exploration and networking take us further. At least we have had our excursions in the weekends, so I will not complain much, yet. So far so good, Alhamdulillah.

Well what's on show on the square box here? Loads of Arabian discussion shows. I am sure they are all very intellectual stuff, but since we have a miserable command of the language, they are of very limited inspiration to us. We are basically down to less than 10 channels out of 200 available from the cable subscription. And many of the English shows are pretty much dated. Survivor 4 anyone? And Fantasia is still competing alongside Jon Peter! I am a massive footie fan, hence the lack of ESPN and particularly the EPL, is somewhat incomprehensible to me at times.

What's even more shocking - eye-poppingly daring and sometimes zany, Arab music videos from the more liberal middle-east countries. And I mean it. They can challenge Beyonce any time...

They showed Men of Honor (Cuba Gooding, Bobby D) last night. Beats having a forum on reforming of social etiquette.

Saturday, 23-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tupai-ing in Kotaraya-Sinar Kota square

No Along ads on the pillars though, what a relief
Cheap imported clothes on sale
At least they dont call themselves S & M
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Having seen what we normally see on Sundays at Kotaraya-Sinar Kota, I was actually part of the procession yesterday. A complete flip-side of the orderly and classy Riyadh that we'd been witnessing so far.

Batha (pronouced Bat-Ha) is the bazaar part of old Riyadh (in the south of the city) in which migrant workers, mostly Filipinos, Indians and Bangladeshis get together and shop. Yesterday was a bit special because 4 Malaysians were in the fray.

Bought myself a pair of NB runners which I quickly put to test as we got home. After stuffing my face with all those fries and soft drinks in the past two weeks, it was really nice to have a cardio work-out. But dehydration could be an issue, I must have drunk more than a litre of water to replenish.

And so there is a realistic part to Riyadh after all.....

[For more insights into Batha and Riyadh in general, kindly go to Azli's fotopages.]

"He tricksed us, he is false, my precioussss". Peter Jackson was wrong to employ Andy Serkis I am telling you.

Thursday, 21-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tupai unleashed

Office, Kingdom Tower 23rd Floor
Saudi Museum tour : Sahrin, Azli, Melvinder, Yusef, Sean.
Tutti Mango tour : Where we ended up getting fruity
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Wahey. Fotopages uploading is on. Blame it on the 9000 odd Malaysians hogging the space.

Some of the pics are juicy, arent they? In a fruity kind of way that is. More of similar good stuff coming up in the following days. But not tomorrow though. Friday is the weekend break. While today is half day. The notion of public holidays here in Saudi Arabia is simple, only during the 2 Eids, when everybody gets about a week or more break for both. Today is the Maulidur Rasul, but it is a normal working day.

And monty has never ceased to amaze me. A truly breathing bag of talents.

Wednesday, 20-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tupai-ism at a high

Fotopages looks to have turned the corner a bit but uploading is still unavailable.

If your wondering why I am doing this then I think this is part of the "adjustments" I am going through in the first fews weeks of living in this city and country.

And let's just say that burung jampuk is not my favourite bird species. Oooo BJ and the Pear.

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